Private Pay

CIndividuals, couples, children or families who are seeking therapeutic services and do not have access to third party payers (e.g. insurance company) are considered Private Pay clients. Private Pay clients individuals can be counseled by any of our therapists; however, payment is colleted direct from each client. Counseling Solutions has the ability to accept many forms of payment, (i.e. credit cards, checks, and cash). Note: H.A.S. (Health Savings Accounts can generally be utilized to pay for mental health services, check with your insurance plan administrator). If you do not have an insurance plan which that Counseling Solutions accepts, you will be expected to pay for the therapy sessions. A "Super-Bill" can be provided to each client as a record of any and payments made to Counseling Solutions. The Super-Bill is a form which will allow you to bill your own insurance company in order to be reimbursed for the counseling expenses. We always recommend that you contact your insurance company prior to beginning therapy in order to find out how much of each session will be reimbursed to you by your insurance company when you attend sessions with an "out of network" therapy provider.