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Life continually provides opportunity to grow. Many life transitions, such as the birth of a child, the death of a family member, a new marriage, or retirement, offer new challenges and inspiration. Individual and family counseling provides support and guidance through transitional change.

Many times in life, individuals feel alone in their life experiences. Group counseling is a unique opportunity to share experiences and feelings with other individuals in order to gain insight for personal growth and understanding.

There is a special language children use to express their feelings. Specialized therapeutic techniques such as sandtray, music, and art therapy allow children to communicate without using advanced words and sophisticated concepts.

Parenting is the most difficult and challenging job a person can have. The frustrations and joys are not predictable, and sometimes parents can feel unprepared and overwhelmed by their responsibilities. Working with a counselor can assist parents in developing new skills and drawing from existing skills as their children present ever-changing family challenges.

The natural complexity of families can give its individual members a feeling of belonging and safety, as well as stress and hurt. Counseling simplifies many family issues by adding a neutral observer that can draw out unique family strengths.

Counseling Solutions has caring, dedicated, qualified counselors to assist people to heal and grow. Counselors are Licensed Marriage Family Therapists, Licensed Certified Social Workers, or Clinical Interns that have completed a masters degree. You are welcome to ask about the qualifications of your therapist prior to your appointment.