Collaborative Divorce

Counseling Solutions has two therapists who specialize in and are members of the Collaborative Divorce group of Butte County and are also members of the Sacramento Collaborative Practice Group. Courtney Calkins and Trishanne Lininger have been trained and certified to be Collaborative Divorce Coaches and Child Specialists since 2009. In the Collaborative Divorce process, couples who have decided to end their marriage work with a team of specially trained professionals to avoid the, at times arbitrary and uncertain outcomes of litigation in order to reach a divorce settlement which meets the specific needs of both parties as well as their children. The process typically includes a series of meetings at which the parties and professionals meet to discuss the pressing issues, to make any interim arrangements, and plan for information gathering stage of the divorce process. The meetings are designed to exchange and clarify information as well as to brainstorm possible options for resolving exisiting sources of conflict. All team members focus on clarifying each party's needs and interests while developing solutions stemming from the free exchange of information between parties. Negotiations are focused on finding the outcomes which best serve all members of the family and creating the opportunity for a peaceful post-divorce relationship. There specialized roles for each of the professionals on the Collaborative Team: Family Law Attorney, Divorce Coach, Child Specialist, and Financial Specialist. All team members maintain a primary focus on the needs of each member of the family while helping parents to provide their children with the emotional support and a healthy co-parenting environment. The hallmark of the Collaborative Divorce process is that the divorcing parties work with the members of the collaborative team to find agreeable outcomes which they choose. Decisions are made, not by an outside professional like a judge, or a mediator but rather by the divorcing parties themselves. Of course all of the required legal paperwork is filed and the court proceeding are attended by the participating attorneys. Participants of the Collaborative Divorce process work with their team to carefully tailor the scope of the divorce process to ensure the efficient use of their time and funds. As such, only the specific professionals required for each meeting attend the meetings which require their specific expertise.