About Us

Counseling Solutions was incorporated in the summer of 2000, and officially opened the doors for clients in the spring of 2002. Counseling Solutions was designed to help children, adults and families work through issues that are barriers to healthy relationships. Our first location was 40 Landing Circle, Suite 1, Chico, CA 95973. We shared office space with Family Solutions, Foster Family Agency until the summer of 2003 when we moved with Family Solutions; however, we joined them as neighbors in our own special place. We are currently located at 130 Yellowstone Drive, Suite 110 - Chico, CA 95973 and we are still partnered with Family Solutions; however, our office space is separated by a beautiful conference room.

Counseling Solutions is well equipped to serve individuals, couples, families and children. We have a child therapy room with access to everything imaginable for child play therapy; e.g. sand tray, doll house, puppets, etc.

Counseling Solutions is staffed by two Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists who provide counseling as well as, direct supervision to interns who are working toward earning their license. When people hear the word "intern" they often think of a young and inexperienced person. At Counseling Solutions our interns have all received their Bachelor of Arts or Science and have also completed their Master of Arts in Psychology. Subsequently, our interns hold their intern number with the California Board of Behavioral Sciences which qualifies them to counsel under the direct supervision from a Qualified Licensed Therapist.