What does CAP do?

Every family can go through stressful periods in their lives. The Children Assistance Program (CAP) is designed to help families during their stressful times. The CAP Family Facilitators will work with you to meet your goals. You can choose wich CAP services will be most helpful for your children and your entire family. All services are completely voluntary and are intended to focus on co-created goals. CAP can come to you and meet with you in your home or we can arrange to meet with you in the community or even at our offices.

What is CAP?

CAP is a family focused service designed to help parents create safe and loving homes for their children. We can provide refferals to existing community services for your family or we can help you to gather all of the necessary information, complete the application process and help you turn it in. How much help you get from us is your choice. Our Family Facilitators are trained in Nurturing Parenting® techniques and resources, they are knowledgeable about available counseling and community services, and most importantly they listen to you.

Who is eligible to receive CAP services?

Eligible families are referred to CAP. The County of Butte selects families for participation in this new innovative program designed to keep children safe in their family home. Unfortunately families cannot refer themselves for services, CAP requires that families be referred in order to be eligible for cap services.